Sleeping Support Pillow For Pregnant Women Body 100% Cotton Pillowcase U Shape Maternity Pillows Pregnancy Side Sleepers Bedding

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Sleeping Support Pillow For Pregnant Women Body 100% Cotton Pillowcases U Shape Maternity Pillows Pregnancy Side Sleepers Bedding 6 Colors

About size:

Pillowcase: 130*70cm

Pillow: 115*55cm (L*W).

Although pillowcase size is 130*70cm, but after filling the pillow core, the pillow will hold up a height, so the length and width of the pillow will both reduce about 10cm. so the pillow size is about 115*55cm (L*W).

Because of soft peal cotton material, so the pillow has big ductility. when packing, the pillow will be compressed into a small parcel, so you might think it is smaller than expected after you take it out from the parcel, but which is normal. You can dry it in the sun, or shake it several times, then the pillow will be almost recovered to original size. hope understand!

Because it is manual building materials, size allows the existence of about 5cm error, please don’t mind it. thanks!

Product details:

pillowcases color: white, purple, pink, blue, green, camel color

Filling: 100% Polyester Fiber

Grade: Grade A

Pillowcases : 100% Cotton

Pillow Core : Pearl Cotton

Part: body, head

Pattern type: solid

Shape: u-shape

Weight: about 1.3kg

Suitable for: women who 175cm or below 175cm height

Feature: Anti-Static, Cooling, Anti-Snore

​ Notice:

1. Colors may not appear exactly as seen on photo in real life due to variations between the computer monitors and naked eye color difference.

2. Pillow case detachable.

3. Pillow due to the transport process caused by extrusion will fold, which is a normal phenomenon, ironing pillow case on the flat.

1. Comfortable Sleep
This pillow can take care of pregnant mommy, effective remission of pregnant mother for along time discomfort, improve the quality of sleep, it makes the mother and the baby enjoy the sweet sleep. so it can improve the quality of sleep.

2. Leg Comfort and Relaxation
This pregnancy pillow body pillow can alleviate leg fatigue. In the late pregnancy, the leg will gradually be swollen, and this pillow can effectively relieve the fatigue of the legs.

3. Comfortable Backrest Pillow
This pillow can support the waist to the abdomen, can provide a comfortable and safe support for pregnant women, it can effectively relieve waist discomfort, have comfortable abdominal function, and can greatly reduce abdominal weight-bearing and relieve abdominal pressure.

4. Lactation Easily
This pillow can be used as a lactation pillow after the baby is born, making it easy and happy to breastfeed. So it is a relaxing lactation pillow.

5. Baby Guardrail Pillow
This u shape pregnancy pillow can be used as a baby Guardrail on the bed, keep baby from falling out of the bed, provide a safe sleeping environment for baby.

U Shape Maternity Pillow
Humanized design, we easily release the neck, fine workmanship, fine stitch.

100% Cotton Pillowcase
High quality cotton fabric, soft skin skin, moisture absorption and breathable, healthy and environmental protection, feel comfortable.

Sewing Fine
Exquisite workmanship, exquisite stitches, not skipping, continuous line.

High Quality Zipper
High quality zipper design, pull the slide smoothly, we can easily change pillow for pregnant women.

100% Polyester Fiber Filling
High quality polyester fiber filling, good elasticity, high permeability, high elastic fluffy.

6 ways to use:

1. Help side sleeping posture

2. Pull the belly to protect the waist

3. Relax lactation pillow

4. Comfortable backrest pillow

5.Relaxing pillow for relaxing legs

6. Baby protective pillow

Additional information


U-Shape. maternity pillow u shape. u shape pregnancy pillow

Brand Name


Fabric Count



Bedding. maternity pillows pregnancy. pregnancy pillow maternity.


Grade A


100% Polyester Fiber. sleeping pillow for pregnant women


100% Cotton. support pillow for pregnant women


Anti-Static, Cooling, Anti-Snore. Massage. pregnancy pillow comfort.


body, head. pregnancy pillow for pregnant women.


1-1.5 kg

Model Number


Pattern type

solid. maternity pillow. u shape maternity pillows pregnancy.

Thread Count



green, blue, purple, pink, white, camel color. regnancy pillow body


See below for size descriptions. pregnancy pillow for pregnant women.

Package included

1 x Pillow For Pregnant Women. maternity pillows pregnancy